Are you a CD fanatic?
(take this easy quiz and find out!)

A. You use CDs as beer coasters when they're not in your player
B. Each CD is placed properly in its jewel case
C. The CD is turned in the jewel box so the label faces "up" when you open the case
D. You remove the CD from the jewel box with tissue paper

A. You've never been to a record convention (you buy your CDs at Musicland, Sam Goody, and WalMart)
B. You attend every record show in your state
C. You set up a booth and sell at record shows in different states
D. You STARTED a series of record shows

A. Your CDs are stacked anywhere (on the floor, tables, etc.)
B. You bought a nice CD rack for your CDs
C. You had to build a CD rack, since store-bought racks weren't big enough
D. You had to add on a new room to your house to hold CDs

A. Your CDs are not organized
B. Your CDs are organized by artist
C. Your CDs are organized by artist, with the CD labels all facing the same direction
D. Each CD is organized by artist, then within each artist they are arranged chronologically, then by country of manufacture, then by condition of the CD, then by...

A. Surprised and confused whenever a hidden track come on and you've forgotten a CD was playing
B. Turn off CD before hidden track plays
C. Knows how to index the CD player to go directly to hidden tracks
D. Listen to the entire CD every time (including hidden tracks and the blank space between them) to make sure the CD doesn't have a skip

A. Stereo is a used boombox
B. Stereo is a "bundled" package, all by the same manufacturer
C. Picked out each stereo component yourself, based on magazine reviews and spec sheets
D. You built your stereo yourself

A. Haven't gotten around to replacing favorite vinyl records with a copy of the CD (when available)
B. Replaced entire collection of records with CDs
C. Have multiple copies, since you keep having to "upgrade" your CDs every time they get remastered/ extra tracks/ etc.
D. Buy five copies of every CD you like, just so you can have one in the car, one at home, one left unopened for the archive...

A. Blissfully happy with every CD you buy
B. Top pet peeve: When the song listing is not printed on the back of the CD
C. When the spine is printed upside-down, so that some titles are upside-down on the shelf
D. Don't like the COLOR of the spine

A. You buy a CD because you like one of the songs that was on the radio
B. The "completist" who has all the major label releases by that artist, even the ones that were really bad
C. You buy EVERYTHING by that artist, including bootlegs, compilations, soundtracks
D. Started a web page/ fan club/are currently stalking the artist's house

A. Never buy re-releases, the new artists on MTV are just fine
B. So happy they released original album on CD from obscure 60's artist
C. Write letters to the publishing company that they left off one of the songs from the album
D. Write very irate letters when the new versions fade out two or three seconds too soon

A. Sell back every CD after two weeks, since you easily get sick of that one song you liked
B. You know the used CD stores, too, too well
C. Your CD collection is like a "roach motel" where CDs check in, but never check out
D. Never sell a CD, plus you collect the cardboard "long boxes" that CDs used to be shipped in

A. You kinds of know "that one song" on "that one CD" you own
B. You know the lyrics to a couple of songs that you like
C. You know the lyrics to every single song on every CD you own
D. You have so many CDs, you can't remember which ones you own

A. You have no idea what an MP3 is
B. Your hard drive is overflowing with illegally-copied songs
C. You haven't bought a CD in years since you discovered MP3s
D. Metallica is suing you personally

A. You have no way of playing MP3s
B. You own a portable MP3 player
C. You own several players, including the first Rio
D. You have an MP3 player in your car

A. You can't burn CD-Rs
B. You've made a few CD-Rs for backup copies or to give to friends
C. Your CD "collection" consists entirely of CD-Rs
D. You sell CD-Rs on the internet

A. You have trouble spelling the word "CD"
B. You have trouble spelling the word "compact"
C. You spell "CD" as "compact disk"
D. You spell it as "compact disc", owing to the influence of British-based Phillips corporation who invented the format

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