Does anybody know how to get in touch with Damon Blumberg? I paid him $275 last June 2017 for some computer work. He didn't do the work and he never repaid me the money.

I offered for him to do a $50 a month payment plan, or even $20 a month, but he refused. But now I'm seeing him online going to bear conferences and taking a lot of vacations and I'm pissed. I don't know how I can sue him or take him to small-claims court.

It's rough when you hire a friend, or someone in the gay community because you're trying to give them some work. The betrayal and theft of my money has really made me bitter to helping out friends in the future. Thanks for any help you can give me.

The last known address I have for him is:
Damon Blumberg
3001 Cabana Dr. Las Vegas NV 89121

Note: On Tuesday May 18, 2018, Damon Blumberg had a friend repay me $50, so now he only owes me $225.