Kackel Dackel

Parental supervision necessary!

Ages: 4 years old and up
For: 2 to 4 players
Time to play: 15 minutes



Care for your dog, feed it, walk the dog... and if it poops, you collect it. The first player who has collected three dog turds on their shovel is the winner.


Place the dog in the center of the table. Each player takes a shovel.

The Kackel Dackel is fed:

Take the dog food from the container and press it flat so it is approximately 1 centimeter thick. Press the cookie cutter one time into the dog food - that is exactly the right amount of dog food needed. Put the remaining dog food aside. Be sure to feed the dog the right amount - too much will make it too fat, while too little makes the Kackel Dackel hungry. Take the dog food with your fingers and put it in the dog's mouth. Then, take the dog bones, and continue to press in the dog food with a slow turning movement as far as it goes. See the illustration.

Make sure: the dog bone must be put in slowly with a turning motion into the dog's mouth. This is so the rubber seals won't slip.

Order of play:

The youngest player begins the game by taking a coin that is face-down on the table. The symbols on the coin determine what is to be done next:

Pump 1 time
Pump 2 times
Pump 3 times
Lost a turn, do not pump
Exchange your shovel with a player of your choice

Pumping means that you press on the plunger at the end of the leash. If the player loses their turn, the player to the left gets a turn by taking a coin.

If the dog poops, the player who produced the dog turd (as if were!) takes the turd and puts it on their shovel. This player then feeds the Dackel for the next round, saying, "The shit dog is now fed!". Then, the player to the left starts their turn.

End of the game:

The game ends when one player has three dog turds on their shovel. The winning player then gets the “best of show” medal. They will keep the medal until a new winner is chosen.

All the dog food is gathered up and repressed into the correct shape so the next round can begin.


The player an only collect the dog turd is it has fallen on the table. If the turd does not fall out, the player can nudge the dog. If the dog has a stomach ache (i.e. the dog food can't be pumped through, or it hangs on firmly), feed the dog again in the correct amount.

Warning and tips:

Only use the original dog food provided for feeding. Never put other material into the dog!!!

If the dog food should remain sticking inside the dog for any reason, run warm water into his muzzle until he is flushed. Then leave the dog to dry before playing again!

It's best to wash your hands before playing the game. And the dog food remains clean longer and more pleasant.

The dog food is non-toxic. However, it is meant for playing and not eating! Please don't forget!

Keep the dog food on the container and make sure it is properly sealed, so it remains soft and fun to play with. Do not expose the container to heat or direct sunlight - it makes the dog food disappear.

If dog food gets on your clothes, don't panic: it can be washed out easily with warm water. Or, if it is dried, simply rub it off.

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