New Year's Resolutions

I've got some tricky rules for New Year's resolutions. First, they have to be something that can be accomplished that year. For example, "lose weight, make more money, and travel more" are all bad resolutions because there is no way I would say at the end of the year, "No, I don't need to lose more weight... I have too much money... I don't want to travel anymore". Those resolutions might as well be perennial. So, all the resolutions should be "quantifiable" with incremental metrics. My other pet peeve is that resolutions aren't binding... they're sort of a contract between my better nature and myself. I won't beat myself up if none of these things are accomplished, but I hope they will remind my conscience of the person that I want to become.

"*" Denotes mission accomplished

"!" Denotes want to do soon

2021 New Years Resolutions
Set up Pro Tools studio
Organize music library
Bake and eat a figgy (i.e. plum) pudding
See the lights at the Bronx zoo/botanical garden
Make a "rappie pie"

High Priority
Mud weekend at the Hillside Campground
See Reverend Billy
Hook up VR to PC
Have a "Halifax donair"
! Take an AI class
Eat at all 72 Michelin starred restaurants in NYC
! Eat and/or make abelskivers
! Make biscuits
Make more Ukranian eggs
Do a podcast with Nayland about Kryptos
Do a podcast with Thor about NY
Organize storage room
Record another song
New York Things
     Ride on the NY holiday subway train
     See the subway zoetrope ("hop on a Manhattan-bound B or Q train at the Dekalb Avenue stop, corner of Dekalb Avenue and Flatbush Avenue Extension. Look out any window on the right side of the train)
     See the Poster museum
     See Fotografiska
     Go to P.J. Clarke's
     Go to the first T.G.I.Friday's (Baker Street Pub) at 63rd Street and 1st Avenue
     See Jones Street where Bob Dylan's "The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan" cover was shot
     Go to Fire Island
     Go to Smorgasborg
     Go to Vinegar Hill, Brooklyn
     Visit North & South Brother Islands
     See the Edgar Allen Poe Cottage
     Go to Upright Citizen's Brigade
     Go to the Comedy Cellar
     Go to the Spy Museum
     Go to the Jewish History Museum
     Eat at the Rainbow Room
     See the Federal Reserve Gold Vault
     See the Museum of Natural History
     See the Liberty Science Center in New Jersey
     Visit the Tesla Science Center at Wardenclyffe
     See the Tenement Museum
     See the Police Museum
     See the Fire Museum
     See the 9/11 Museum
     Go to the Camden Aquarium
     Go to Rat Rock
     See the "NY Liberty Bell" in the Middle Collegiate Church on East 7th Street and Second Avenue
     See the secret entrance to the Knickerbocker Hotel in Grand Central Station (Update as of January 2020: Renovations to the tracks currently obscures the view of the secret door)
     Go to "Employees Only" 510 Hudson Street, West Village
     Go to "Dear Irving" 55 Irving Place, Union Square
     Go to "Please Don't Tell" 113 St. Marks Place
     Go to J. Bespoke
     Go to Bo Peep
     Go to Sakagura
Eat and drink new things
     Eat strawberry soup
     Eat Fugu
     Eat Lutefisk
     Eat caviar
     Eat a Chop Cheese
     Eat a Lobster Thermadore
     Eat a Balut

Medium Priority
Learn to knit
See the northern lights
See a total eclipse of the sun
Find "sweet and sour soup"
Bake an apple pie with homemade pie crust
Make a "real" cherry pie
Smoke out of a hookah
Try curling
Do a zip line
Swim with dolphins (or is that a bad idea?)
Eat a Halal Snack Pack
Try rock climbing
Write an iOS app
Make my own homemade pasta
Go see the Westminster Dog Show
Do more volunteering
     Work with Brick Theater (again)
     Volunteer with a startup (See General Assembly)
     Volunteer with the New York LGBT Center
Learn German
     Goethe-Institut New York
     Berlitz CDs
Fix sleeping bag
     Take a Coursehorse course
     Another welding class
     Get CDL license
     ! Take a pottery class
     Take plumbing classes
     Cooking class
     Juggling class
     Pro Tools class
     Programming bootcamp
     Web development
     Attend smokejumper school
     Take another Data Science class
Musical instruments
     Learn to play violin
     Learn to play the flute
     Learn to play the saxophone
     Learn to play the musical saw
     Learn to play the chromatic harmonica
     Tour the White House and capitol building
     Go to Berlin
     Go to Australia (Sydney and Alice Springs/Uluru)
     Go to Portmerion
     Go to Canada to meet Johnny Naughty
     Go to Florida to meet CubbyCo
     Visit the Bohemian Grove
     Go to Stonehenge (and the Fat Duck)
     Go to Taj Mahal
     Go to Antarctica
     Go to Carhenge
     Go to the Garden Of Eden
     Go to the Inferno club (in Rome)
     Go to Lazy Bear Week in Guerneville, CA
     Go to the U.P.
     Go to the Bilbao Guggenheim
Whistle with two fingers
Helicopter tour of NY
Scuba certification for both wetsuit and drysuit
Do another mud run
Get a high colonic
Take a mud bath (at a spa?)
Do an isolation chamber
Make a fursuit
Help pump out boat/ station
Acrobatic flying lessons
Practice with Gotham Knights rugby
Volunteer at GLBT Center

Low Priority
Do an event with AGRA
Visit the Leather Archives and Museum in Chicago
See a play by Richard Foreman
! Learn to double-dutch
COS Songwriting
Do a beer bong
Do a keg stand
Take the Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) exam
Help Thor get driver's license
Clean up a beach (Gowanus? New Town?)
Do another rodeo
Cake decorating/fondant class
Produce more things than I consume
Get certificates
     Confined spaces
     Read Dante's Inferno
     Read Marcel Proust
     Read War And Peace
     Read Moby Dick
     Go to Delta again
     Go to IML again
     Learn French
     Learn Japanese
     Learn Italian
Hang out with NYFD/FDNY
Buy a tuxedo and find somewhere to wear it
Learn to whistle with two fingers
Join gay hockey team as full-time player
Get into the Magic Castle
Get into Disney's "Club 33"
Go to SxSW
Practice wrestling
Learn boxing
Get mining certification
Learn massage
Do civil war reenacting
Navy Seal Challenge
Go skydiving
Organize a hunting trip for gay guys
Get a concealed carry permit
Go on a diving vacation
Go prospecting
Try geocaching
Get a buckle in rodeo
Take Master Thor
Get a motorcycle license
Dye hair blue
Buy a gun
Go to a shooting range
Go hunting
Buy an ATV
Get a biweekly massage
Join the police citizen's brigade
Go caving
Start painting

(Things done in 2021 for the 2020 Resolution list)
* Drink a Tom & Jerry
* Pay off student loan
* Buy a bottle of "cardamaro"
* Learn Logic X Pro
* Make something sous vide
* Visit the City Reliquary (in Williamsburg)
* Buy a new Mac
* Go to "Angel's Share" 8 Stuyvesant Street, East Village (hidden behind a door inside the Japanese eatery Yokocho)
* Sell co-op
* Get into Gramercy Park
* Bake and eat an Eton Mess
* Buy a new PC
* New York Botanical Garden holiday train show
* Pay off all taxes
* Sell co-op
* Get into Gramercy Park
* Go to Inferno again
* Be more political
* Eat a Doner kebab
* Eat a Lobster Newburg (at Delmonico's)
* Eat a San Giuseppe zeppole (or a sfingi) on St. Joseph's Day
* Get a job
* Pay off credit cards
* Play beer pong
* Make lefse
* Eat a raclette
* Eat fiddleheads
* Eat ramps
* Eat more varieties of apples
* Re-do my will
* Record a song on my computer/ learn Pro Tools
* Work with Brick Theater
* Eat at Jollibee (caveat, it was take-out)
* Eat a good italian sandwich
* Read more books
* Drink bone broth
* Learn to sew
* See a Pink Floyd laser light show
* Learn to weld
* Find a good po-boy in NY
* Make pretzels
* 10 hour OSHA
* Watch comedy
* Watch MST3K
* Eat a variety of apples
* Make pretzels
* Be better (and also worse, as it turned out)
* Jog or exercise at least five days per week
* Watch blood pressure
* Go to a dude ranch
* Win something in a claw machine
* Do a "mud run"
* Eat Buffalo cauliflower
* Get an apartment with Thor
* Move
* Go to a shooting range
* Go to Further Confusion
* Go to Coachella again
* Find a new job in NY
* Always have good food at the apartment
* Plan a trip somewhere
* Get finances in shape by end of 2010
* Organize stuff
* Rip records and CDs to digital drive and back-up
* Ride roughstock at the rodeo
* Go to Iceland
* Have a lot of s
* Go see Mummenschanz
* Sell things on ebay
* Go outside and get muddy
* Eat better
* Record a song on my computer
* Build up tolerance and stamina
* Play in the 2006 Bingham Cup rugby tournament in New York City
* Play in the 2010 Bingham Cup rugby tournament in Minneapolis
* Read 'Lolita'
* Jog or lift weights every day
* Go to Japan
* Learn Japanese (try to)
* Get finances together
* Level to 60 in World of Warcraft
* Learn bootblacking
* Play water polo
* Try "chute dogging"
* Play rugby somewhere
* Move into new house
* Floss every night (yeah, it's an boring one, but still...)
* Get really good at wrestling
* Play hockey with the Colorado Climax
* Play in a "drop in" hockey game
* Work out like a maniac
* Graduate with a master's degree in computer science
* Don't be so sarcastic
* Do projects
* Eat a Bacon Egg Cheese
* Win friends and influence people
* Everyone will stay healthy
* Don't be late for plays
* Wait until people get out before entering elevator
* Stop saying "knowwhatImean"
* Keep working out
* Get down to 200 lbs/ 34 inch waist
* Don't run for plane flights
* Show up early for all meetings
* Turn around work requests quickly

Sexual Resolutions
Find a prison
Be a farm slave
Dog play as realistic as possible
Do a fraternity initiation
Forced feeding
Be put in heavy bondage in a sling
Enema play with another guy
Heavy bondage mixed with smells and raunch
Fucked at both ends while being bound over a barrel
Do another tickling scene
Longterm bondage - 24 hours or more
Diaper play - maybe combined with bondage
SERE training
Play in NY garbage
Visit a slaughterhouse
Find a farm to work on (pig rescue?)
Muck out a barn
Play in manure again
Night exercise training
Do a muddy football practice with fumble drills

Five Awesome Things I Do
Bravely sign up for new experiences
Enjoy and play music
Live openly as a gay man
Come up with moments of brilliance
Say funny things
Have interesting kinky sex
Great ideas
Serve as a slave

Regrets on Death Bed
Never solved AI
     Axon synthesizer
     Unwritten AI Manifesto
Never went sky diving
Never went bungee jumping
Never learned to fly a plane
Never flew acrobatics in a jet
Should have eaten more bread
Never learned to be a plumber
Never got a PhD (in applied math?)
Should have volunteered more/ found a place to volunteered that appreciated me and I supported their goal
? Should have married Michael Kessler
? Should have joined the military
Never learned to ride a unicycle
Never got good at juggling 5 balls
Should have spent more time with my mom
Never volunteered at MST3K
Should have made more friends
Never relly learned a language well
Never got to see Oingo Boingo live (or ABBA, or...)
Should have saved more money
Wish I would have found a job I liked and was good at that paid well
? Should have had a bigger part running Barton Solvents
? Should have rejoined the SCA
Wish I could have figured out my brain chemistry better (or earlier)
Lost touch with friends
     Roswell Anthony Camp
     Sam Campbell
     ? Rob Voith
     ? Beth Wehrle
     ? SCA people
Never did kinky sex scenes I fantasized about
     Never played mud football
     Never did a hardcore POW scene
     never did a longterm bondage and shit/piss scene
     Should have had sex with more people
     Worked in a messy job (pig farmer, ranched, construction worker or electrician, sewer worker)
     Should have played in manure more
     Never visited a slaughterhouse/ slaughtered a cow or pig
     Should have gotten initiated more (Clampers, military, fraternity, biker)
Never traveled to some places
     Never went to Australia
     Never went to Antartica
Things Too Late
     Go to Upright Citizen's Brigade
     Never went to a rave
     Never went to Burning Man

Happy on Death Bed
I worked as little as possible
Never got sued
Never got arrested/ never been jailed
I could juggle 4 balls
Was in two really good relationships
Had a really good relationship with my mom
Proud of BSEE from Minnesota and MSCSCI from Boulder
Took classes in college I didn't need (Japanese, math)/ continued to learn throughout life (electrician, computers)
Saw a *LOT* of great movies
Heard a *LOT* of great music and it became an important part of my life
I could play the piano, guitar, trombone, (tons of other instruments) and sing (as well as arrange and compose music)
Visited Paris and Tokyo (and tons of other places)
Had a really high security clearance
Had a lot of sex by myself
I was so lucky to have a lot of money
Michael and I restored a beautiful 7 bedroom/5 bathroom house in Denver (and rented a great house in Alexandria)
Got to live in New York City (right in Manhattan!) for many years
Glad I was rich and not famous rather than famous and not rich
Tons of road trips my myself (SCA, for example)
Thor and I are a mosaic by Vik Muniz in a NY subway station

Thor's Top Five List
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
1) Road trip by motorcycle
2) Bucket list travel: Australia, India, or Berlin
3) Make something with my own hands, like a quilt or mosaic
4) Perform triage on my stuff in storage, so it's not a burden to Patrick when I'm gone
5) Have/make room for a library and live with my books, rather than have them in storage

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