Patrick Kellogg

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Are you a CD fanatic? Take my cgi-enabled quiz!

Here's a paper on a French Idiom Translator for my Natural Language Processing class. There's also a web-enabled demonstartion of real-time French-English translation system, but I don't think it's currently working.

Click here for a copy of my "Intro to AI" paper about Douglas Hofstadter

Click here for a list of possible courses to take for my last year of grad school

This is a longer list of classes available from the computer science department at the Univeristy of Colorado at Boulder

I have too many ideas for possible projects that I'd like to do someday. I'd love feedback on any of these ideas

Here's a Java applet and a statistics paper for the card game "War". If it doesn't work, you have Java turned off for your browser or there is something else wrong with your system

Here's an AI project on a neural network model for "efferent" hearing. It's just the start of an idea, but it was fun to work on

I wrote a paper on Latent Semantic Analysis, but please keep in mind that this essay was used to test Latent Semantic Analysis intself. So, it's kind of choppy and hard to read.