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Current projects:

"Medieval Apprentice" PROLOG text adventure
"AmbiNet" neural network classifier
"MATMOOG" analog synthesizer
Monte Carlo "War" Simulation
Neural Network Model of Efferent Neural Signals
Axon Neural Network Synthesizer

Music and Sound:

Independent Component Analysis (ICA)
Wavelet Analysis of Music
Physical Constraints on Wavelets
Sound Objects
Letter-Spirit Feature Recognition of Sounds
Fractal Compression of Sound

Computer Theory:

Ping-Pong Model of Computation
"Machina X" board/ computer game
New Programming Language
New Operating System
Distributed Windows 98
Automatic Geometrical Theorem Prover
Pseudo-Science as a Belief Network
Automatic Code Generation
Monte Carlo "Solitaire" Simulation

Neural Networks:

Free-memory Neural Network Model
Neural Network Classifier for Sunspot Activity
Rotoscope Football Demo


Time-slip Space Shooter
Ultimate Platform Scroller
"Gods" City-building Game
Prophecy Trail
Court Intrigue


A Skeptic's Guide to Electromagnetic Waves
Pat's Puzzle Page
Consulting Article
Boulder Computer Game Developer's Asscociation
3D Cinematography

Scratch pad:

A game that modifies its instructions in real-time (like Cosmic Encounter)
A computer that modifies its instructions in real-time
Computer-brain-surgery robot arm (i.e. it solders itself)
Explore Non-Von-Neumann architectures
Study parallel processing algorithms
A Java Turing Machine simulation on the web
CU Prisoner's Dilemma Competition