Many of these papers may be incomplete, and might be missing bibliographies and references. However, it is a good snapshot of my graduate work in computer science that I completed in 2001 from the University of Colorado at Boulder. If you have any comments about these papers, I'd love to hear your opinions.

My thesis on the collection and distribution of oceanographic data (actually a "Master's Comprehensive Exam", not published or reviewed)

In early 2002, I was contacted by Manning Publications to write a book of software engineering. They were impressed with the lecture notes I put on the internet for the software engineering class I taught at CU. The book was to be the first in a five-part series that would cover the basics of a four-year college computer science degree. Other authors would write about databases, theory, and other topics. I was proud of some of my ideas: there would be "parallel" code samples in three different languages of Java C++ and Perl, lots of games and puzzles at in every chapter, and I came up with a title that would appeal to people who didn't intend to be computer programmers (scientists, teachers, office staff) but found themselves writing more and more code... the "Accidental Programmer Series"

Unfortunately, the book never took off, although I wrote about 80 pages and received a contract. Perhaps the series will come together in the future

A statistical paper on the card game "War"

My paper on a neural network model of the efferent auditory system:

My final paper for a software engineering class on Edsger Dijkstra's “Go To Statement Considered Harmful”

A French Idiom Transducer (note: the accompanying Perl scripts no longer work):

An information theory paper:

A paper on the Great Mersenne Prime Search

A quick paper on propositional logic

A paper on Context Sensitive Grammars and Chomsky's Hierarchy

A quick paper on Douglas Hofstadter's "Godel, Escher, Bach: An Eternal Golden Braid"

A computer-graded submission on Latent Semantic Analysis

A presentation on Genetic Programming