I Wish You Would Die

Midnight you're sleeping
And I'm still awake
You've been here so long
I've been here so long
The doctors don't know how much
More you can take
If you can go on
If I can go on

Codeine's not working
Nor morphine as well
The lungs and the liver
Are shot all to hell
You're circling the drain
And I'm circling as well and sing

Oh I wish you would die
Just give it up
You've been so sick so long
It's not like this goodbye
It's not the end
It's more like saying, "So long"

It started suddenly
Shortness of breath
And those pains in your arm
And pains in your chest
Seven months later
And closer to death
How could we have known?
How could I have guessed?

And I hate myself thinking
What more I could do
If I could stop thinking
And worrying 'bout you
But we're here together
What more can I do? And sing

Oh I wish you would die
There's no more time
And I've got things to do
I've got a plot and a coffin to buy
And I must learn
To live my life without you


Death comes so quietly
I know that you've gone
Only when
The head RN
Asks, "Are you his friend?"
Death comes so finally
But life must go on
'Til it comes for me
'Til it comes again

And I didn't think
That you'd leave me today
With so many things
That wanted to say
But there didn't seem to be
Another way and sing

Oh I wish I could die
I am so tired
To lay my burden down
I don't want to survive
Just left to think
Just left here all on my own and sing

Oh why do we have to die?
Can't we go on?
Can't we stay here this time?
It's not like I'm asking why
I don't want the truth
I only wish you would die

C D C D, G Eflat Gm C/E
G D G, G D Eflat, Bflat C, Eflat F
G G D D, Em Bm/D, C C D D
G G D D, Em, A, C