I'm Ok

I've stuck things in my mouth, that I probably should not have
and I've ran with scissors once or twice
So why tell me all the things (that I probably should or shouldn't do)
I am sure that I won't follow your good advice
(Sometimes I haven't played real nice)

I hope nobody has a color photograph
Of all the stupid things I've done

I know I'll never be able to run for president
Not with the friends I've had throughout the years

(drugs, booze, clothes)

I just keep telling myself...
I'm ok, I'm alright
I'll be fine, I'll get by
No need to ask me how I'm feeling
I'll find somewhere to sleep tonight (pause)
I'm alright..ite (high note/odd)

I've never been in love, where I haven't failed completely

I've never thought about the poor, but I sympathize deeply

Don't know what is worse
I'm out of breath and out of work

I've lost so much in this lifetime
and I'll never quite know why I feel this way