Laughing A Lot


I... I been laughin' a lot and
I... I can't wait for your touch and
I... I been gone for so long so long and
I... so I wrote you this song (so)

People come close to me don't fly away,
People come home with me, home to stay
People get close...
Just get out of my way

I... I been laughin' a lot and
I... think you pray much too much, and
I... I been so down for so long and
I... I ain't done anything wrong (so)

So long, I'll see you, I must go away
We'll meet again on some other day
I'll find someone to guide me then oh...
They'll get out of my way


You wonder, you tell me, you wonder some things never change
There's no reason, no reason, no reason, to stay the same
You tell me, you tell me, whatever, you're thinkin' about
Please tell me, please tell me, what you can't can't say what you can't say, say now...


I... I been laughin' again and
I... I know you're my friend and
I... I been gone for so long and 
I... and I wrote you this, wrote you this

Try to remember you're all that I've got
Don't you pretend that you're something you're not
Try to imagine and oh...
I been laughin' a lot.

(I been laughin' a lot...)

Bridge 2? 
	Don't ask why, it's a fool's paradise
	To conquer the innocent, in me, right now
	It's a masquerade, everyone is trying to get paid