Time Song

I've got 99 years, just 99 years, got 99 years to get back to you
A man's life span is just as long as he can, so I've got much less than, I even had again (I thought to get you again)
Discount the years from 0 to ten
I was too young and you never met me back then

So I've got four score and seven, Just four score and seven, just four score and seven to get back to you
What's a score, I know I've scored before but not anymore since I don't know when
Abe Lincoln deferred at Gettysburg that our fore fathers heard

I've got a fortnight to get you, got a fortnight to get you, got a fortnight to find my way back to you
Just a fortnight, what the hell's a fortnight? Have you even used the term to measure anything?

I've got 33 seconds just 31 seconds, I've got 29 second to end this tune

I've got 10 seconds, just 8 seonds just 7 6 5 4 3 seconds I've got two thousand milliseconds I've got...