Vampire Song

And I will be your heartís desire
And then we will be married
And I will love you for so long
Until weíre dead and buried

And I will be your one true love
And you will be my Nancy
And we will travels where we want
Whatever is your fancy


Hey, ho, rally oh
 - - - - - - - - - - -

You have known me for some time,
And soon we will be married
But there is something I must need
Before Iím dead and buried

You have given me gifts so fine
Of jewels and gold and -----
But I want something so like wine
From your neck of ------

I would drink your own lifeís blood blood
Pour it down like silver
To quench the thirst Iíve had so long
Pour down like a river

That is how the story ends
The man for whom she married
And she fulfilled her heartís desire
And they were dead and buried

(She is a vampire, too)
(She gives in willingly and erotically)
(he makes her a vampire, happy ever after)