Here's a secret: I really don't like to travel. I don't like worrying about where I am going to sleep, and I'm nervous that something will go wrong. I'm afraid I'll lose my money or that I will miss the flight back home.

However, I love the sightseeing. I love to see modern art and I love to eat at great restaurants. I'm a history buff, and I can really only learn about a city by being there. The fact that I'm married to a great guy that loves to travel is also an incentive.

So, take a look at of of the places I've been. And if you disagree with any of my choices, or if you have a travel story to tell of your own... please drop me a line.

Travel Pages

Full trip list
Future trips
Vacation successes (in and around the usa)
Vacation disappointments (in and around the usa)
My Best Vacation
My Worst Vacation

Link to MATLAB code that produced my graphs