Most of these songs are unfinished. I actually don't like finishing songs, since once they are "done", they never change again. I tend to stop thinking about them.

You know how annoying it is when you get a song stuck in your head the whole day? Well, it's actually kind of fun... if it's *your* song that you are singing. I like to pay around with lyrics, with ideas, with words... improvising the melody until a song forms. Some songs are good, other ones... well, maybe they should be kept private. But below are all the song fragments I've been singing lately. Maybe a few of them will turn into something. Who knows?

8th Artillery Cannoneer
A Million Things
Ballad of Jack
Be By My Side
Big Bear Song
Boy In a Bedroom
Calling You Out
Did He Mention?
Digital Only
Erector Set
G To 1
Goddamn Johnny
Going Back To Outlands
Golden Band
Great Train Songs
Grey Skies
Half a Mind
Her Terry O
Hope To Be
I Apologize
I Can't
I Wish You Would Die
Icarus, Icarus
If I Could
I'm Fine
I'm In Love
I'm Ok
I've Been Everywhere (SCA version)
Just Got Back From Somewhere
Knights of Nordskogen
Laughing a Lot
My Mind Never Mind
Never Grow Old
Never Nowhere
Not At All
Nottingham Road
Step Lively Boys
Stranger in a Strange Land
Time Song
Used To Believe
Vampire Song
Walk Out On Me
What the Hell
You Can't Kill Me
You Won't Last Long

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